Donald Trump quoted himself on Sunday, calling himself the “King of Ventilators” and pointing out that his administration was right on the number of machines needed and governors were, in fact, wrong:

What he’s talking about is Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s call for 30,000 ventilators at a time when it was becoming clear that nowhere near that number would be needed:

Jared Kushner was pilloried for it as well when he pushed back on that during a coronavirus briefing earlier in the month:

Guys, it’s OK to say it. It won’t kill you: JARED AND TRUMP WERE RIGHT:

But, of course, they won’t let Trump have this one:

“It’s a branding move”:

The president can’t win:

The upside to all this is that the U.S. will soon start exporting excess ventilators all over the world:

Oh, and the president’s point in that tweet above was to point out that, echoing Dr. Fauci on Friday, there will be enough tests to begin opening the country for Phase 1: