We really need an explanation of social-distancing rule in California. . .

As we told you on Friday, it’s apparently against the law to operate a paddle board by yourself in the ocean because of the state’s new social-distancing rules:

But it’s totally OK to gather in large numbers right next to each other without a mask if you’re at a Farmer’s Market:

And in San Diego, you get a $1000 ticket for daring to sit in your own car at the beach:

According to Matt Walsh, the people were just eating some food and watching the ocean and the people who did get out of their cars were more than 6 feet apart:

Even worse, this clown defended it and warned people of jail time:

And here’s another story out of Stockton, CA, where you can’t even fish for something to eat:

Maybe he should buy the fish at a packed Farmer’s Market instead? You know, to be safe and all.