Get the popcorn. . .

Bernie Sanders and former Obama White House press secretary are in a war of words over Amazon firing warehouse worker who, according to Sanders and one side of the story, was protesting work conditions and demanding “a safer workplace, protective gear and paid sick leave”:

But according to the former Obama spin master, the employee was fired because he was exposed to COVID-19, given a 14-day paid quarantine, but came back to work anyway so he was fired for putting others at risk:

Yes. Yes. Let it happen. Especially at a time when Dems need the Obama/Biden faction to get the socialists on board:

Please, please bring Obama into this. PLEASE:

Glenn Greenwald left off his stint at CNN in between these two jobs:

The only thing that might make this better is if Jay Carney dropped in an Obama classic, “Let me be clear”:

ROFLMA. They’re so MAD:

You KNOW this is true. 100%:

And, finally, the ultimate dig: