Actor Daniel Dae Kim posted a video to Instagram today to update his fans on his health regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus and credited a “drug cocktail” which included hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak with his recovery.

Fast-forward to about the 3:25 mark in the video below:

Transcript via BizPacReview:

He went on to say that his doctor prescribes a “drug cocktail.”

“It consisted of Tamiflu, which is an antiviral, the antibiotic Azithromycin, more commonly known as a Z-Pac, a Glycopyrrolate inhaler, and that was used to ease breathing and the inflammation that’s commonly associated with COVID,” Kim said. “And here’s what I consider to be the secret weapon, Hydroxychloroquine.”

“This is a common antimalarial drug that has been used with great success in Korea in their fight against the coronavirus,” he said. “And, yes, this is the drug the president mentioned the other day.”

Ever cautious, Kim stressed that he wasn’t saying others should use these drugs, but added that he is certain that they played a “crucial” role in his recovery.

This is, of course, the treatment plan that President Trump was much-mocked for the other day:

The good news is a trial will begin in New York State on Tuesday:

So, when will they be apologizing to the president?