As the White House press corps continues to ask President Trump why he’s calling the COVID-19 coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China as the “Chinese Virus,” here’s a new article the The Times of London on how the communist government in Beijing is trying to censor the story of how they tried to cover up the devastating plague on the world:

Will they ever admit there’s a reason President Trump is calling it what he is?

China, which kicked reporters out of the country yesterday, is saying it was in “self defense”:

And apparently lost in the U.S. media coverage is how China is trying to blame this on the United States. This is the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry:

Another Chinese Foreign Ministry official:

And here’s the Chinese ambassador to South Africa suggesting the science is still out on where the virus originated:

See, not China’s problem!

So, spare us the outrage. It’s the “Chinese Virus.”


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