There’s a viral clip flying around this morning of President Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity last night which accuses him of telling people with coronavirus that’s it safe to go to work.

The problem with the clip, however, is that it’s just not true. From President Trump:

Here’s the clip via Vox’s Aaron Rupar where the president says:

Now, that’s entirely different than what Rupar tweets: “Suggests it’s fine for people w/Covid-19 to work.”

It’s “some of them go to work” with the virus vs. “it’s fine for people” to go to work. You may hate the president’s impreciseness, but that’s not the same thing. Watch for yourself:

So, even though President Trump didn’t say it was safe to go to work, he’s still wrong?

They even admit Trump is right:

Do better, media:

But we will note that people who have defended the president in the past like Geraldo Rivera and Piers Morgan were not happy with how he phrased it with Hannity:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet. 

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