Carl Goldman of Santa Clarita, Calif., who caught coronavirus while on that cruise ship in Japan, gave a first-person account of his recovery to the Washington Post where he said, “so far, it isn’t that bad”:

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Goldman is telling everyone not to panic:

Oh, and buy a thermometer for at home:

And according to Goldman, he did not know he had tested positive for the virus before he boarded the buses with other American passengers being evacuated to the U.S.:

When I left the ship a couple of weeks ago, I felt fine. We checked our temperatures throughout our quarantine. Jeri and I got a swab test for the virus. Our temperatures were normal; they’d get the swab results back in 48 hours. Our test results had not arrived before we boarded buses for the airport, where two U.S. government planes waited for us.

Now, this is important because the Trump administration — HHS — was criticized for allowing all the passengers to get evacuated on the same plane with those infected in a special quarantine section. This means everyone was already mixed in together after they got of the boat, right?

Anyway, Goldman’s wife never came down with the virus even though they were quarantined together on the cruise ship for all that time. Goldman even said, “After those days being cooped up on the ship together, I think we both relished the alone time; we still could communicate through our phones”

Hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


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