This seems like a really big story that should have everyone questioning how bad things could get in America in short order. From Bloomberg:

WTH aren’t they telling us?

To say we’re getting mixed messages on the COVID-19 coronavirus is an understatement. Here’s from today’s NYT:

This NYT article is telling us not to panic:

But government officials and medical experts, in their warnings about the epidemic, have also sounded a note of reassurance: Though the virus can be deadly, the vast majority of those infected so far have only mild symptoms and make full recoveries.

It is an important factor to understand, medical experts said, both to avoid an unnecessary global panic and to get a clear picture of the likelihood of transmission.

“Many people are now panicking, and some actually are exaggerating the risks,” said Dr. Jin Dongyan, a virology expert at the University of Hong Kong. “For governments, for public health professionals — they also have to deal with these, because these will also be harmful.”

So, is Japan panicking or what???

Oh, and for libs angry at President Trump for comparing COVID-19 to the flu, the NYT is quoting an expert who says it will be like the flu:

There are, broadly speaking, two possible outcomes of the current outbreak, Dr. Jin said. The new virus could, like SARS, another well-known coronavirus, become less and less transmissible as it spreads around the world, eventually dying out.

Alternatively, the new coronavirus could become well established in humans, becoming a kind of recurring, seasonal nuisance, like the flu, Dr. Jin said. In that situation, people would learn to live with it, and sometimes would contract illnesses from it; but the virus would most likely also lose some of its dangerousness as time went on. Experts could also develop a vaccine, Dr. Jin added.

So, he’s right? Again?

Pretty much:

But, from our non-expert vantage point, we’re not seeing countries like China or Japan treat this like the flu. What gives?



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