Bill Kristol is alarmed over reports that Trump-supporting Republicans are being encouraged to vote in Saturday’s open primary in South Carolina for the candidate they think will be the easiest to beat in November, that being elderly socialist Bernie Sanders:

He even found the “smoking gun”:

Although we do remember all the way back to . . . February 3 . . . when Kristol was telling Republicans to do this, but not for Bernie:

What a hypocrite:

“NeverTrump funded phone calls,” even:

From Inside Sources:

National #NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol, founder of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, confirmed to NHJournal that he is part of the effort, which involves tens of thousands of New Hampshire voter contacts and a six-figure budget.

“Yup. I’m happy to have joined with some others to help remind New Hampshire independents, who might be accustomed to voting in the Republican primary, that this year, they may be able to make more of a difference by voting for a responsible and electable candidate in the Democratic primary,” Kristol said.

You see, it’s “good faith” when he suggests it but “bad faith” whenever anyone else does it:


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