Here we go again. . .

Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is, Nevada edition:

Now, it’s fun to dunk on Biden when he makes these kinds of errors, but can we talk about the other thing he said in the video? WTF is he talking about with solar-powered ports? Has he ever seen a port? Where are you going to put all of the solar panels? There aren’t just acres and acres of space around major U.S. ports to do this. Does he have any clue what he just proposed? Does he even care? At this point he’s just shouting out lib buzzwords and hoping nobody calls him on it:

We assume he’s talking about California’s recent mandates that ships hook up to shore power rather than run their diesel engines, but there’s still no “capacity,” as he says in the video, to put solar panels on site for this. From the Port of Long Beach:

The Port has completed more than $185 million worth of dockside power hookups and other infrastructure to facilitate shore power. On Jan. 1, 2014, California mandated that at least half of all container ships run on shore-side electricity at berth. Carriers are subject to an additional requirement: Each fleet must reduce its total emissions by 50 percent.

Higher compliance rates are being phased in over six years. The rule affects fleets calling at the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco and Hueneme and applies to all operators.

For more information on the state mandate, visit the California Air Resources Board shore power page.

He’s lost it. For real.