She now says she has not called the FBI:

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A woman named Wendi Williams has gone viral after she posted this video of an altercation she had on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Charlotte where she filmed the passenger behind her punching her seat after she reclined it. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in all of its glory:

Williams later tweeted that she’s calling the FBI to press charges after she wasn’t satisfied with American’s response, especially the part where the flight attendant allegedly offered the guy a complimentary cocktail:

She also posted a photo of her boarding pass as proof and says she “lost time at work, had to visit a doctor, got x-rays, and have has [sic] horrible headaches for a week”:

According to Williams, she did raise her seat while he was eating and the punching occurred after that:

She noted that he’s watching a video at the time she was recording and “isn’t squished”:

We’ll keep you posted if anything comes of this.