Well, this makes no sense.

Sen. Warren, who is for Medicare-for-all, is jumping on the Culinary Union attack-wagon and going after Bernie Sanders and his supporters after the powerful Nevada union said in a flyer that Sanders — AND WARREN — are for Medicare-for-all which would end their much-loved health plan:

So her last-gasp at the nomination is to switch from Medicare-for-all to ” I want to see every American get high-quality and affordable health care”?

That’s not what she’s been saying:

She’s so bad at this:

It’s going to be fun watching them eat each other over the next few weeks:

Psst: She’s just like the rest of them:

And remember when libs thought they would team up?

We’re OK with it though:

Maybe don’t put so much faith in politicians in the first place?

The Culinary Union will hold a press conference later today to discuss a possible endorsement:

Stay tuned.