Oh, man. . .

The Roger Stone story just got a whole lot more BONKERS:

Apparently, the foreperson of the jury that convicted Roger Stone wrote an op-ed for CNN which then led to people finding her social media activity, and BAM:

More from Mike Cernovich:

Here’s the CNN article where she outed herself:

She also ran for Congress in 2012:

So, how the eff did this get missed by Stone’s lawyers? Did she lie on her jury questionnaire?

She was also tweeting during the case:

It’s going to get messay AF:

It looks like Stone has already asked for a retrial, but has been denied:

More from the Examiner:

According to the judge’s ruling, unsealed on Wednesday afternoon, Stone’s argument that a new trial was warranted hinged on two main claims about why the juror, whose identity was concealed in the filing, should have been removed. The first was because the juror is employed at a division of the Internal Revenue Service, which Stone claimed “works hand-in-hand with the Department of Justice prosecuting criminal tax matters.” The second was because Stone claimed the juror “violated the court’s order to avoid media coverage of the case.”

The judge rejected both of these claims, arguing that Stone’s defense team “has not presented grounds for a new trial” under the appropriate rules nor shown “any reason to believe there has been a serious miscarriage of justice.”

To be continued. . .