Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco’s Public Works Director (you know, the guy whose job it is to keep the streets free of poop), was arrested by the FBI this morning on suspicion of public corruption:

A local restaurant owner was also arrested. From the SF Chronicle:

Nick Bovis, owner of the famed bar and restaurant Haufbrau Lefty O’Doul’s, was also arrested Monday in the investigation.

Nuru and Bovis were both booked into jail Monday evening, records show, and have since been released.

Nuru and Bovis could not immediately be reached for comment.

Nuru was a longtime player behind the scenes and should have been out a long time ago. From the Marina Times last year:

Take Mohammed Nuru, director of the Department of Public Works, for example. He’s in charge of keeping the streets of San Francisco clean. I think it’s fair to say if most people showed the kind of results Nuru shows on the job, they would be unemployed. But if you’ve lived in San Francisco for long, you know that’s not how it works. As long as you have connections to the still-powerful Willie Brown machine, you can behave badly, fail miserably, and not only keep your job, but get promoted. That’s what Nuru has done under the leadership of three mayors, and he’s still going strong under the fourth.

More heads to roll?

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