Rep. Adam Schiff just wrapped up his closing argument in the impeachment trial and quoted from the disputed CBS News article that said President Trump any GOP senator that votes against him will find their “head on a pike.”

Needless to say, this comment did not go over well with the GOP Senators:

He “overreached,” according to Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska:

“That’s when he lost me,” she added:

Senators Joni Ernst and Martha McSally both said “that’s not true” and were “visibly upset” by it:

Add Susan Collins of Maine James Risch of Idaho to the list:

They’re “INCENSED”:

Sen. John Barrasso said Schiff “offended every Republican senator”:

Sen. Tom Cotton just laughed when he said it:

Here’s the play-by-play: “And then, in a split second, [Schiff] lost them:

Good job, Dems, at unifying the Republican party.