Sen. Lindsey Graham put Iran on notice after today attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq by pro-Iran mitias, threatening the county’s oil refining capabilities over these continued provocations:

He also called on “our Iraqi allies” to do more:

Does he mean our Iraqi allies that are literally right there with the militants?

Anyway, Iraq’s prime minister is calling on the attack to end:

The Prime Minister is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces @AdilAbdAlMahdi He issues a statement on the recent developments in Iraq.

Prime Minister @AdilAbdAlMahdi: The American strike on our military units has been condemned, and the solemn ceremony for the funeral of the martyrs is part of the loyalty to their precious blood, but away from contact with embassy buildings, and everyone should leave immediately away from these places.

Prime Minister @AdilAbdAlMhadi: We recall that any aggression or harassment of foreign embassies and representations is an act that will be strictly prohibited by the security forces and the law will be punished with the most severe penalties.