Remember AB5? That’s the new law out in California that is supposed to protect gig economy workers (Uber, Lyft, etc.) which Vox championed, writing back in October that the “alternative to AB 5 would be worse”:

You see, the “new controversy” Vox wrote about in the above tweet was that media freelancers would be treated the same way as say Uber drivers, which everyone predicted would result in layoffs. And those layoffs have begun, even at Vox Media:

“Peak Vox” has been reached:

An instant classic:

It’s hard to call these “unintended consequences” when this is exactly what California Dems wanted to happen:

100% true:

But they won’t change:

Lather. Rinse. Repeat:

Great job, California:

The chief sponsor of the bill, Lorena Gonzalez, is firing back at critics on Twitter:

And it’s not going well:

Let’s see if it comes up in the California debate (if that debate still happens):


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