Ryan Lizza is reporting for Politico that four anonymous sources “who regularly talk to” Joe Biden are saying that, if elected, he’ll only serve one term because of his age:

In other words, they’re admitting he’s too old for the job:

Biden is himself not dumb enough to say this in public, however:

But, apparently his advisers sure are. Why say this part out loud when we all know Biden’s age WILL be an issue if he’s the nominee?

Not only does this admit that Biden is too old, it makes Biden a lame duck from the start (if he wins):

But this does make his VP choice more important, and maybe that’s the goal?

If the other 2020 candidates really want the nomination, they’d pounce on this:

But since they’re all angling to be Joe’s VP, we expect they’ll stay silent . . for now.


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