Did you happen to catch this viral story over the Thanksgiving break?

It’s out of Kiefer, Oklahoma (near Tulsa) where the town’s police chief posted this image to Facebook showing how a Starbucks barista wrote his name in as “PIG” on his order of five cups of coffee he was taking to his dispatchers for a holiday treat:

The barista was eventually fired for the stunt:

This should be over and done with, but the tweet below has gone mega-viral with over 80,000 retweets and over 385,000 likes claiming it was the police department that lied:

You see the hyperlink “speculation on social media” below from this screenshot from the Time? Yep. That’s a link to @argumentwinner’s totally bogus tweet:

Even worse? The reporter he originally quote-tweeted  has all the follow-up he needs for him to delete his BS and correct the record:

Now let’s see how much longer this stays up. Screenshot for posterity:


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