Amy Coop, who was at Fishmaongers’ Hall in London when today’s terror attack happened on London Bridge, witnessed a man inside the room grab a 5-foot long narwhal tusk from the wall and ran outside to attack the terrorist:

You can see the tusk in the video:

Update: We just found this tweet with the video embedded. Awesome:

A second man used a fire extinguisher to confront the terrorist:

This has to be a first, right?

According to the Daily Mirror, the terrorist was recently released from prison for being a terrorist:

From the Daily Mirror:

The knife-wielding terrorist who killed two people before being shot dead by police was known to authorities and had connection to Islamist terror groups, sources understand.

He was released from prison about a year ago after agreeing to wear an electronic tag and be monitored by authorities, the Times reports.

The paper said he was attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation being held at Fishmongers’ Hall and “threatened to blow up” the building.



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