Remember how we told you that 16-year-old climate activist was stuck in North America after organizers moved the COP25 climate summit from Chile to Madrid? Well, she’s finally found a boat to take her to Europe:

They’re YouTubers with “no previous sailing experience”:

We’re Riley and Elayna, an Australian couple documenting our journey traveling the world by sail despite no previous sailing experience. We’ve been filming it all on YouTube since 2014. We’ve crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and are now raising our boy Lenny on our boat as well.

It appears that Nikki Henderson is a professional sailor, however. How’s the boat moving if the sails aren’t up? Hopefully it’s not fossil-fuel powered!

You can follow along on their journey here:

Crossing the Atlantic in winter is no joke. Hopefully they know what they’re doing:

According to the BBC, the boat uses solar panels and hydro-generators for power:

It’s weird, though, that the BBC left out the part about the boat’s diesel engines:

Stay safe.