Megyn Kelly just posted her interview with fired CBS staffer Ashley Bianco, and we’ll say up front that this is looking really, really bad for CBS and ABC:

Right up front in the interview, Bianco says she didn’t leak the clip:

Megyn Kelly: Did you leak the tape?

Ashley Bianco: I did not

Kelly: Not to anyone?

Bianco: No, never.

Kelly: At any time?

Bianco: No

She does admit making the clip, however. But she goes on to explain to Kelly that it was part of her job to make these sorts of clips and she did it all the time:

Kelly: Did you make a clip of the moment?

Bianco: I did, but I saved it in the internal system.

And Bianco says everyone was “freaked out” at what Amy Robach was saying on the hot-mic, which was been broadcast to all of ABC’s affiliates:

This means that ABC wrongly outed her to CBS and then CBS fired her over something she did not do.

Watch the entire interview here:

You know, there may just be a media story here:

Dare we say a “full blown scandal” even:

James O’Keefe is also saying Bianco isn’t the source:

CBS needs to make this right:

Or she should lawyer up:

And well done, Megyn Kelly: