A new poll out on President Donald Trump’s approval rating in Midwestern swing states done by Cook/KFF shows that he’s actually got higher rating today than he did on election day in the key states of Wisconsin (42% vs. 35%), Michigan (41% vs. 39%) and Minnesota (41% vs. 35%). Only in Pennsylvania has his approval rating dropped (39% vs. 42%):

It may be because these voters agree with President Trump on major issues? From the report:

Most swing voters in these states see bans on fracking, stopping detainments at the U.S. border, and Medicare-for-all as bad ideas. The poll also consistently finds that while Medicare-for-all has played a significant role in the 2020 Democratic primary debates, it is not the top health care issue for Democratic voters. Large shares of swing voters in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin say stopping detainments at the U.S. border for people cross into the country illegally and a national Medicare-for-all plan are “bad ideas.” Swing voters are slightly more divided in their views of a ban on fracking with large shares of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin swing voters saying such a ban is a “bad idea” as do a slim majority in Michigan and half of Minnesota swing voters.

Although the poll did find that Dems in these “blue wall” states are more motivated to vote than Republicans in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Minnesota, Republicans are more motivated to vote:

As for Dems, Joe Biden leads in Pennsylvania while Elizabeth Warren leads in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota: