Today’s witnesses at the House’s closed-door impeachment but not-an-impeachment hearing are State Department officials Catherine Croft and Christoper Anderson. . .

. . .and according to media reports of their planned secret testimony, the two will say “Trump displayed a deeply pessimistic view of Ukraine out of step w/ officials at the White House & State Dept. who saw support for Ukraine as critical to thwart Russia”:

So they’re going to prove that White House and State Department officials didn’t agree with the President of the United States who, the last time we checked, is in charge of these sorts of things?

It’s weird how they left out how days later, President Trump cancelled his meeting with Putin at the G20 to protest Russian agression:

More from the WSJ which show the president was calling Ukraine corrupt just months after his inauguration and almost two years before Joe Biden announced his candidacy:

Ms. Croft, a foreign-service officer since 2010 who served as the National Security Council’s Ukraine director before she was asked to succeed Mr. Anderson in May 2019, said Mr. Trump repeatedly described Ukraine as corrupt while deciding whether to provide the country with Javelin missile systems in December 2017. Mr. Trump made similar comments in a September 2017 meeting with then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, she said.

A new player will also enter the picture today in the form former Rep. Robert Livingston (yes, the guy who was chosen to replace Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House but then declined after he admitted to an extramarital affair):

Livingston declined to elaborate on his role in all of this: