The Los Angeles International Airport unveiled a new scheme last night to help lower traffic at the terminals that now requires passengers to take a shuttle bus to a designated area to wait for an Uber or Lyft pickup. Simple, right?


Good job, everyone:

It didn’t get any better as the day turned to night:


There are plenty of taxis, but those are more expensive than Uber/Lyft:

Imagine landing. Then waiting for your bags. Then waiting for the shuttle bus. Then waiting for your Uber/Lyft?

And don’t even think about saving a buck on a shared ride:

Some passengers were left totally in the dark:

Keep this story in mind the next time a Dem says we should give people in California more say in national elections:

LAX, at first, tried to spin the program as a success:

Put they were quickly called out on their BS survey:

And they later issued an apology and promised to do better:



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