The latest outrage? President Trump will be hosting Ivanka and Jared at Camp David for their 10th wedding anniversary:

You see, “they have no shame”:

And it’s not a “taxpayer funded party venue”!

And whatever this means:

You see, it’s different when President Obama used Camp David as a taxpayer funded party venue:

Or how about when Obama used it for his golfing buddies?

From the Washington Post:

Obama and 11 close friends — including Marty Nesbit, Marvin Nicholson, Reggie Love and Sam Kass — spent the day competing for bragging rights. The winning foursome (Love, Kass, Wahid Hamid and Laurent Delanney) flew to Camp David with the president in Marine One; losers traveled there by van.

Or how about the time Obama brought in the Dos Equis guy?

From Fortune:

The most memorable perk, though, was the time four years ago he spent a weekend at Camp David with President Barack Obama and some of the president’s closest friends.

“He was meeting with 10 of his oldest and best friends and I was invite as his surprise guest,” says Goldsmith. “I think he thought it was going to be George Clooney and I hope he wasn’t disappointed, but I spent an enchanting weekend with him. It was one of the highlights of my life.”

And we’re done.