Remember how California Dems mocked President Trump for not saying climate change was to blame for California’s wildfires?

We do:

Anyway, California Dems are changing their tune now that PG&E, the Northern California utility that’s being blamed for many of the wildfires, is saying those fires are not their fault because of climate change. You see, these Dems are finding it’s much more lucrative to go after PG&E than to keep blaming the weather:

And we’re not being sarcastic here, but Vox’s David Roberts has a very good thread on the fires and what can and cannot be done to stop them.

First up, even if PG&E does everything perfectly and uses “best practices,” that’s still not good enough and there will be blackouts (PSPSs):

Roberts went on to point out that Californians needs to stop building in areas that are at high risk for fires:

And those that do live in high-risk areas need to pay more, not less for their infrastructure:

Millions of residents will see their power cut this weekend as well as major winds are forecast for the area:

These blackouts could last until Monday:

Elon Musk and his solar roof/battery combo to the rescue?