LeBron James finally spoke about the situation in Hong Kong, but the formerly woke superstar ripped Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for being “uneducated” on the issue and he warned on the consequences of free speech:

All joke, no woke. This is the same guy who tweeted this?

LeBron later took to Twitter to “clear up the confusion,” but as you can say, he just made it worse:

Guys, the multi-millionaire had a “tough week.” Thoughts and prayers, LeBron:

Keep in mind this is all Morey tweeted and that’s what set China off:

And, LeBron, we’re not confused:


Keep in mind, Morey has an MBA from MIT, so he’s not exactly “uneducated”:

Or how about the difficult week Nike workers in China had making his shoes and such?

Over to you, ESPN:

More criticism of LeBron:

Transcript here: