The New York Times is reporting tonight on a violent meme video that was show during an event hosted by the pro-Trump group American Priority at the president’s Doral resort in Miami.

Yashar Ali breaks down what’s on the video:

The video is the infamous scene from the film, “Kingsman” where the main characters is involved in a shootout inside a church, but the president’s face is on the agent while media properties, etc., are photoshopped on the targets:

But people started questioning the NYT report. Robby Soave from Reason:

Reason’s CJ Ciaramella was at the event and is adding some context to what and where it was shown. According to Ciaramella, the video was shown in an a “meme art exhibit”:

Did anyone at the conference actually see the video?

Here’s what the room looked like:

And if you go back and watch the video, you can see the Kingsman meme on the little screen in the back:

According to Ciaramella, the videos just played in that room on a loop:

Just for the record:

And here’s the source material: