In a lengthy Instagram post, entrepreneur and music executive Russell Simmons told Americans to stop “FORCING OUR POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES ON THE 1.4 BILLION PEOPLE OF CHINA” and asked, “over 300 years of American democracy […] how has that served the people of color in AMERICA?”

Weird. He didn’t mention anything about the million or so Muslims in internment camps. Is that off limits, too?

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Let me first state for the record that i am in biz and have offices in 12 East Asian countries including China …my main office is in Singapore ,the cleanest richest and most crime free place i have ever seen. The government makes the rules and the people benefit tremendously from the success of “ Singapore inc “ it seems that quality of life is what most people want, so like China, their system of government is bent on working to creating an environment with happy ,healthy people with health care , education and economic opportunity I have traveled throughout mainland China spoke to many many people including the rappers the executives the basket ball players and of course the average citizens What i have learned is that most of the people of mainland China are proud and happy ❤️ Today the game between the nets and the lakers was threatened because Some Americans want to insert their ideologies on China instead of building bridges Sports entertainment and celebrities of all kind can help to build a cultural bridge while politicians can seek to fix the economic problems that exist between these 2 great nations but make no mistake humanity has to be in the bridge building biz FORCING OUR POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES ON THE 1.4 BILLION PEOPLE OF CHINA WHO ARE PROUD AND HAPPY WILL NOT SERVE US OR THE GREATER COLLECTIVE Question…. When @kaepernick7 invoked his “ freedom of speech” in America how did that work out for him ? and after over 300 years How has our “democracy “ served the people of color in AMERICA ? 🙏🏾 …Let’s tend to our bizmess ,and let young China (70 years old ) continue to build what they are building ..the biggest middle class in the world 🌎

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This is the same Russell Simmons who called NFL players “bitches” when they stayed in the locker room during the national anthem in 2017:

Black Lives Matter. Chinese lives? Eff those guys.