Turkish President Erdogan announced the beginning of military action against the Kurds a few moments ago. Translations via Twitter:

Turkish Armed Forces together with the Syrian National Army against PKK / YPG and Deash terrorist organizations in northern Syria #Bar─▒┼čP─▒nar─▒Harekat─▒ has started. Our aim is to destroy the terror corridor which is trying to be established on our southern border and to bring peace and peace to the region.

With the Operation Spring of Peace, we will eliminate the threat of terrorism towards our country. Thanks to the SAFE ZONE we will establish, we will ensure that Syrian refugees return to their countries. We will protect the territorial integrity of Syria, and free the people of the region from the clutches of terror.

#Bar─▒┼čP─▒nar─▒Harekat─▒ ÔÇśS tasks the heroes of our soldiers kissing their foreheads, each of them, and I wish successes to all the local support elements which cooperate with Turkey in this campaign. God help us and get half.

And weÔÇÖre seeing reports that airstrikes have begun:


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