At the conclusion with his interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz today, Rudy Giuliani got a little testy that he didn’t have time to bring up Hunter Biden’s work in Romania:

We assume Rudy is referring to this story from the New York Times in May on Hunter’s work with a crooked Romanian real estate magnet:

Now, Giuliani has connections of his own to Romania. Last year, he was criticized for lobbying Romania to ease its crackdown on corruption, which was counter to the official U.S. position:

At the time, Giuliani said his work had “nothing to do with the U.S. government”:

The State Department issued a statement at the time as well:

The Daily Beast reported back in June that House Dems were already looking at Rudy’s Romania ties:

And there’s a Trump hotel angle as well:

Well, there goes next week’s news cycle.