Did Bernie Sanders have a heart attack? Seems like that’s something voters should know, but team Bernie won’t let reporters interview his doctors:

And since we include tweets from Jennifer Rubin when we don’t agree with her, we thought we’d add this one just to be fair:

It’s almost as if Dems are hypocrites and are only for transparency when it benefits them:

A Slate piece said that with the information released so far, Sanders likely suffered a heart attack:

Based on the information his campaign has released, this scenario seems to be what happened to Bernie Sanders on Tuesday evening. Without a close look at Sanders’ medical chart, it’s impossible to make a definitive diagnosis, and I have not reviewed the details of his case other than what has been reported to the media by his campaign. But even the scant information we have—that he had stents inserted overnight following an acute cardiac episode—is enough to be able to say: This was very likely a heart attack.

His wife tweeted that he would be at the next debate, whatever that’s worth at this point:

We shall see.