Who could’ve seen this coming?

From today’s New York Times:

So, never mind?

“Whiplash” puts it mildly, though:

And the Harvard School of Public Health is very mad at this new study:

From Harvard School of Public Health:

  • The publication of these studies and the meat guidelines in a major medical journal is unfortunate because following the new guidelines may potentially harm individuals’ health, public health, and planetary health. It may also harm the credibility of nutrition science and erode public trust in scientific research. In addition, it may lead to further misuse of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, which could ultimately result in further confusion among the general public and health professionals.
  • This is a prime example where one must look beyond the headlines and abstract conclusions. It is important for journalists, health professionals, and researchers to look beyond the sensational headlines and even the abstracts of the papers to verify the evidence behind the claims. It’s also crucial to understand that nutrition research is a long and evolving process, and therefore critical to look at the totality of the evidence.

This is what Harvard is disputing:

Keep this response from Harvard in mind when new research comes along on climate change  and finds that spending trillions of dollars on the problem won’t  change a thing.