Failing 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is doing an AMA on Reddit right now and it’s not exactly going as planned:

First up, people want to know why he won’t just run for the U.S. Senate since he’s polling so badly:

These comments are LOL funny. “How do you expect to win the presidency when you couldn’t even beat the zodiac killer in an election?”:

As for his plan to confiscate every AR-15 in America, Beto says “Americans will comply with the law”:

That’s his plan?

He’s not helping himself with this nonsense:

His past DUI incident came up as well and he’s claiming that he no longer drives if he’s had anything to drink. This seems like it would be pretty easy to fact check:

On immigration, after Beto legalizes every illegal alien in America and changes U.S. law to allow anyone who wants to work, study or claim asylum in America to do so, THEN he says “we should expect that anyone coming to this country follows our laws and respects our borders”:

Clown. Show.