So, Comedy Central is promoting the hashtag “#BaldwinRoast” for tonight’s roast of Alec Baldwin that airs at 10 p.m. but for some reason, this was the first tweet we saw and it’s of NBA star Blake Griffin roasting Caitlyn Jenner who was in attendance. There are a lot of jokes about Jenner’s transition and his daughters dating black men, but nothing at all about Alec Baldwin:

And Comedy Central promoted this clip of Robert De Niro making a Caitlyn joke as well, this one about how women get paid less than men:

And then Caitlyn Jenner roasted Caitlyn Jenner. WTF is going on?

It does look like there may be a few jokes directed at Baldwin. Here’s his daughter, Ireland, getting in a dig about how he called her a “pig” in an old voicemail when she was a child:

More “jokes” here: