The New York Times is out with a new report on the Trump Organization and its past dealings with the Prestwick Airport in Scotland, but it’s nothing more than a rehash of a 2016 article in the Scotsman which already reported all of this:

And here’s the Scotsman article from 2016 by Martyn McLaughlin:

Needless to say, McLaughlin is quite pissed that the NYT’s Eric Lipton didn’t credit his reporting:

Crickets from the NYT:

This clown. The reason the pages were up on the Scottish government website was because of the older articles that would have come up in a Google search:

Or is the NYT going to claim that they didn’t do the same research an editor at Twitchy did days ago?

McLaughlin called out Politico for its reporting as well:

Anyway, here’s Lipton’s long thread on his article which is funny because it means the Obama administration helped to enrich now-President Trump: