As we told you last night, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell retracted his report on Russians allegedly co-signing loans for Donald Trump:

Too late. Eric Trump tweeted at Lawrence that he and MSNBC better lawyer up:

And believe it or not, that tweet is still up:

As for the merits of a lawsuit by the Trump Organization, here’s former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti:

We’ll also point out to MSNBC suits that Dan Rather “lost his job over less”:

Even the media-cop dynamic duo of Olivier Darcy and Brian Stelter are wondering if MSNBC will take action against Lawrence. From the Reliable Sources newsletter:

MSNBC execs were unaware

An MSNBC source told me that network execs were not informed about O’Donnell’s reporting before he went to air with it. The source said that “had they known” the reporting “would have not made it to broadcast.” Yikes…

Open Q’s

>> What was O’Donnell thinking? Why did he share the info on air, given how thinly sourced it was and given that NBC had not been able to confirm it? I asked the network on Wednesday, but a spokesperson declined to comment…

Will O’Donnell face any disciplinary action? He conceded on Wednesday he did not follow network protocol and submit the story through NBC’s “rigorous verification and standards process.” I asked about whether he had faced disciplinary measures, but the spokesperson also declined to comment on that…

Over to you, MSNBC.