Oh, man. . .

Earlier this week, alleged presidential candidate Joe Walsh told the Washington Post that when he was duped by Showtime’s Sacha Baron Cohen into reading a pitch for the fictional Kinder Guardians program that would arm schoolchildren that he wasn’t talking about America, just Israel. That turns out to be a lie.

First up, here’s what he told the Post:

WALSH: That was in the middle of about 45 minutes, an hour worth of talking, and this was 30 seconds. And to your question, it was specifically about a program that Israel does.

Q: And there was no indication that you were talking about something that was going to be imported to the United States?

WALSH: Oh, God no.

But Cohen released an extended clip featuring Walsh early this morning where it’s clear that Walsh, while reading from a script, endorsed the program for America. Quote:

“I endorse the Kinder Guardians program for all schools in America. When armed teachers, excuse me, when armed guards and armed teachers have, God forbid, been taken out, why should children be left with absolutely no means of defending themselves?”

Video here:


FWIW, here’s the clip that aired on Showtime: