After the story about bedbugs infesting the New York Time on Monday, the hashtag #TrumpBedBugs started trending on Twitter thanks in large part to this Miami Herald article in 2017 about a lawsuit that claimed a visitor to the Trump resort in Doral, FL was bitten by bedbugs during his stay in 2016:

That case was settled and nobody is talking. From the Miami Herald:

In a bit of good news for the new president, court records show his attorneys in Miami have reached a tentative settlement with a business traveler who sued the resort after his back, face and arms were devoured by voracious bed bugs at the revamped resort.

In a terse one-page report just slipped into the court file, court-appointed mediator Frank Allocca filed a notice that reads “an agreement was reached.” There were no details on what will likely be a confidential deal.

President Trump responded today saying “Radical Left Democrats” are responsible for the “false and nasty rumor” about his hotel:

He does have a point. Are there any other claims of bedbugs at the hotel?

And believe it or not, this tweet has nothing to do with the other bedbug story in news today:

It’s going to be worse than Ebola Twitter:

Up next? Roach Twitter: