Melania Trump shared these photos yesterday of White House preparations for Christmas. . .

. . .and people lost it:

You see, it’s only July and it’s too early for Christmas!

Or not.

It’s really weird why nobody thought this was an issue when Michelle Obama was planning for Christmas in the summer. From Vogue:

Planning starts way, way in advance, says Bryan Rafanelli, who orchestrated the White House holiday decorations in 2015 and 2016. He admits that he started thinking about 2016’s decorations as soon as 2015’s were done. But the whole thing officially kicks off in mid-June, when the decorator’s team presents its vision to the First Lady. In Rafanelli’s case, that meant setting up several 8-foot-wide tables in the East Room, one for every prominent space in the House, filled with sketches, drawings, and samples. Then he explained every table to Michelle Obama and her social secretary. “She followed along and absorbed all this information in a very methodical way, but at the end of the day, she knew what she liked and what was appropriate for the house,” he says.

Another made-up outrage courtesy of the MSM and liberal blue-checks.