You know that story we told you about yesterday regarding the aide who will accompany Robert Mueller at his House hearing today? Well, we’re learning a lot more about him. His name is Aaron Zebley and he’s now being described as the “Deputy Special Counsel” and that he “had day-to-day oversight of the investigations conducted by the Office”:

Earlier Zebley had been described only as Mueller’s chief of staff:

Oh, and he also defended Hillary Clinton’s “basement server guy” when he left the FBI to enter private practice:

Needless to say, President Trump is pissed:

From Yahoo News:

Zebley had previously represented former Clinton aide Justin Cooper, who helped set up a private email server for Clinton when she was secretary of state.

FFS. Does anyone in D.C. care about conflicts of interest or nah?

According to reports, Zebley will be sworn in at the second hearing of the day in from of the Intelligence Committee but not the first hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee:

Maybe Republicans can ask him about that hammer?

The spectacle starts at 8:30 am: