WTF is the New York Times thinking with this now-deleted tweet?!

Screenshots are forever, paper of record:

He wasn’t just “already married.” He was 27 at the time, her boss and they didn’t really wait:

“I was 16 and very shy, John was 11 years older than me,” Ms. Mouzakitis-Fazio said. “I liked him. I didn’t think he liked me back.”

He did, even though he was married at the time. Over the next two years, there were deep glances and flirting. The two would have breakfast or coffee together, they would hold hands, and he would walk her home.

“We would write little notes to each other, he would kiss me on my forehead,” she said. “A slow love was happening without either of us knowing it. I always wanted to be with him, talk to him, but it wasn’t allowed because he wasn’t Greek and he was married, but not happily.”

Eventually, she married someone else, but she still had feelings for her old boss:

Ms. Mouzakitis-Fazio knew she had to find someone else, and in 1980 she met a man on a bus going from New York to Washington. “We were going to a rally for Cyprus to protest in front of the White House,” she said. “He was from the same Greek Island as my family and part of my Greek community. He had charisma. I made it O.K. in my mind, but it wasn’t.”

The two wed a year later. “At my wedding I kept wishing John would save me and marry me instead,” she said. “My husband made me quit my job, so I would call John once a week just to hear his voice.”

The term for this is “grooming” and no wonder they deleted it:

Some screenshots of the article in case they delete that, too:

How did this get published?