It’s official! Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer is running for president:

You mean to tell us that the elderly rich white man running for the Dem nomination has flaws? You don’t say!

We, however, welcome Steyer and his $100 million to the race. Call us, Tom!

Oh, we are so ready for the Dem fight that’s about to come:


If you recall, a leaked email from John Podesta in 2016 showed just what Dems think of Steyer and his climate litmus test: “Podesta to Tom Steyer in leaked email: ‘I didn’t expect to get f—ed by you’”:

“I am deep in the middle of dealing with getting f—ed by the NYT [New York Times], but I didn’t expect to get f—ed by you in the NYT,” Podesta wrote to Steyer, according to emails released Friday by WikiLeaks, which says the message was stolen from Podesta’s email account.

“Thanks a lot for jumping us. I hope President Bush helps you reach your climate goals,” he wrote, suggesting that Jeb Bush — at the time the leading candidate for the Republican nomination — would win.


Will he hire Fusion GPS again?