Imagine if this guy lived in Colin Kaepernick’s neighborhood? Maybe the ex-NFL QB wouldn’t call the cops on him, but there certainly would be a strongly worded letter to the local HOA board over a violation of lawn maintenance rule. Or, maybe he’d declare the lawn a hate crime?

This isn’t the only lawn flag making news this July 4th. Check out this tribute from a Texas teen to his friend, an Army soldier who committed suicide:

More from CBS Dallas:

An Army soldier is being honored in Haslet as a teenager mowed his father’s front lawn into an American Flag pattern.

Cameron James, 17, said he mowed the pattern in honor of Army Pfc. Kevin Christian, who died in June by suicide while deployed along the Arizona-Mexico border. James and Christian knew each other during their time in the Boy Scouts.

“He was just a role model for me,” James said. “So I wanted to make sure he was missed by even the people who didn’t know him.”

Nike probably should have never put that Betsy Ross flag on shoes made in China in the first place, but they certainly should never have pulled them because Kaepernick told them to. More lawn flags, fewer shoe flags, please.