CNN’s Jim Acosta weighed in on President Donald Trump’s plan to add a military element to celebrate Independence Day this year with a “Dear Diary” entry remembering the good old days when The Beach Boys were on the Mall and not tanks:

In addition to the heartbreak over the tanks, Code Pink received a permit to inflate the Trump Baby Balloon, but not with helium:

But there will be flag burning to cheer the libs up! From USA Today:

Gregory Lee Johnson, who recently settled for $225,000 with the city of Cleveland for burning an American flag outside of the Republican National Convention in 2016, said he’ll be doing it again Thursday.

“I am going to D.C. on the Fourth of July and I’m going to burn the flag in protest (of his) whole fascist agenda,” Johnson told USA TODAY.

“Think about all Trump has done to whip people into a frenzy,” he said.