There are two Americas. There’s the America we live in that focuses on what politicians and pundits say and do on Twitter. And there’s the rest of America who doesn’t really care what politicians and pundits say and do on Twitter. If you’re in the first group, you saw a lot of commentary from libs that Joe Biden had the worst week of his 2020 campaign and that his support among Dems was cratering over his past work with segregationist senators.

Except it’s that second group of Americans that matters and this new Morning Consult poll shows their support of the 2020 Dem frontrunner is unchanged:

Biden’s support among black voters even ticked up one point from 45% to 46%

In a different poll for the Sierra Club of voters who list climate as the No. 1 issue, Biden leads there, too:

Sorry, Dems . . . he’s your frontrunner. Unless, of course, they invent magic wands or something and then it’s Elizabeth Warren:

And don’t’ expect any fireworks from the former V.P. at this week’s debate:


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