Eater, which is Vox Media’s food vertical, has a new piece up that says “throwing milkshakes and eggs has become the perfect act of protest”:

You see, the author of the piece, Jenny Zhang, thinks it’s totally cool to throw “milkshakes and other foods” at fascists:

What possibly could go wrong?

We expect Eater would have a different view if people threw food at people during, say, a pro-abortion rally:

What’s possibly worse is that Zhang ignored the vile history of “milkshaking” here in America. She writes:

Symbolic or historical resonance: In the U.K., “milkshakes have replaced eggs as the protest projectile of choice,” Dan Kaszeta wrote recently for the Atlantic, following a few weeks of non-stop “milkshaking” directed at right-leaning political figures. According to experts interviewed by the New Statesman, there are multiple ways to read into the milkshake as a symbol: an object of youthful fun wielded against bullying bigots; an “everyman” choice enjoyed by the masses; a subversion of the alt-right’s seizure of milk as a symbol of white supremacy.

In all likelihood, though, the first milkshake that was thrown — at Tommy Robinson, in early May, twice in two days — was simply out of convenience and spontaneous outrage. Sometimes, as Kaszeta wrote, “a milkshake is just a milkshake.”

Why the eff is she joking about this:

Some people even reported Eater for advocating violence, but Twitter did nothing. From “senior social boy” at Eater, Adam Moussa:

You’d think, but nope!


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