South Bend mayor (well, technically he’s still the mayor even though he’s traveling the country running for president) hosted a town hall on Sunday afternoon to discuss the recent fatal shooting of a black man by a white officer. It is not going well:

Here’s a shot of what it’s like inside the hall:

One voter questioned if Buttigieg was in a rush so he could head back to South Carolina. Again:

Well, it’s pretty easy to understand what’s going on actually:

The crowd wants people fired:

Maybe it’s either time for Buttigieg to resign as mayor or call it quits on his campaign. He can’t have both:

And racial problems are nothing new under his leadership:

It did not go well for Buttigieg on Saturday as well when he skipped Jim Clyburn’s fish fry to head home and meet with his voters:

Buttigieg is about to be Butti-GONE we think: