When we opened up Twitter this morning, we saw that actor Tim Allen was trending and, of course, we immediately thought he was either dead or it was his birthday.

Nope. It’s dumber than that. . .

Here was one of the first tweets that came up:

Wait, he’s racist because he doesn’t know how to play spades?

A little more digging revealed what’s going on. Allen, who is a comedian, gave an interview about the “n-word” and that’s what everyone is angry about:

Others agreed:

Now for the kicker: THE INTERVIEW HAPPENED 6 YEARS AGO! The original link is dead at the Tampa Bay Times, but The Daily Mail wrote it up as well. How many people had this 6-year-old screenshot just ready to go?

In other news, here’s the “racist” meeting with kids at an Orlando hospital ahead of the premiere of “Toy Story 4”:

Oh, well, if you say he’s classy now, we should buy it?

And as for where all this started, it’s our fault for reading her tweet wrong, or something:

Yep. Totally. The reader’s. Fault: